WO503 - Knuckle Bar

Back pain motorcycle

Some people like an aggressive feel as in a Drag Bar or as seen here in our Knuckle bar.

WO518 - RK II

Comfortable handlebars

Some people like a more relaxed ride with more pullback as shown here with our RK II Bar. These can be rotated up and down to find your sweet spot.

WO502 - 12.5" Ape

Ape Hangers for Harleys

Some people care for the Ape Hangers as shown here with our 12.5". Height will depend on personal choice. The taller you go, the more radical the appearance will be.  This rider is 5'8" tall on a Softail® with a low seat. 

Traditional Apes

Handlebar wrist angle

Our traditional apes are designed for comfort with more pullback.

Outlawz & Hooked Apes

Handlebar pullback

Our Outlawz and Hooked Apes have less pullback with a flatter wrist angle. 

Beach Style Bars

Handlebar fitment

Our Beach style bars are designed for comfort. These keep the bike looking squatty for a traditional old school look.

Shown here is our WO518 - RK II bar.