Bill Thibodeau's 2009 FLHX with WO578 Wild 1 Chubby® 10" Bagger Apes.

I was unsure of which bars I wanted so I spoke with John at Wild 1s.
I told him I was looking for pull back mostly and only a little bit of height.
So after a great discussion I decided to buy the W0578 CHUBBY® 10" BAGGER APE HANGER.
( very helpful people and I did not seem rushed into a decision)

Man I am glad I did, they fit perfectly and are the perfect  amount of pull back with the slight height increase I was looking for.
These guys at Wild 1s sure know how to make perfect looking bars.
The chrome finish is impeccable,
I have been buying chrome accessories from other companies for many years but now I have a new standard of chrome finish to compare to.

Because of the angle I set them at I was not able to use the stock mirrors mounted to the faring,
so I removed them and bought a new set of H-D ones that mounted on the bars. ( A more traditional look anyway )

Great experience and product I would recommend Wild 1s to anybody, and in fact I have already sang their praises to many of the members of my bike club.

Bill Thibodeau

Saskatoon, SK Canada